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Oakland Originalz

Hip Hop Education


We ENTERTAIN, TEACH, GIVE BACK and have a GOOD TIME. Click the image below that best describes what services you need

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Book a performance unlike you've ever experienced.


This isn't your standard, cut and dry dance show. We provide a full, immersive, interactive, comedic and acrobatic experience that is sure to leave your guests raving about your event for years to come.


Warning: After having us perform, the bar will be set very high for future events you may have

Dance Class

You CAN be a Great Dancer!


Our teachers are not only masters of dance, but also of communication

We've taught all ages from toddlers to seniors. This experience has given us an extensive insight into how the mind works at different stages in life.

We are able to instruct in a way that's personable, direct, entertaining and simple


We can guide you from having 2 left feet, to having every bone in your body be a dancing bone

Fan Cheering

Give back to a disenfranchised Community 


Since 2012, our team has worked hand in hand with the community and non profit organizations with the mission of educating youth, supporting unhoused individuals, and providing safe spaces for creative expression. Because we've had programs that helped shape us into positive contributing members of society, we feel it is our duty to give similar opportunities to people who may have been neglected


Be a part of the change you wish to see, Donate to show your support of building Oakland back up.




To inspire the next generations to follow their dreams through our performances, competitions, events, and teachings of various dance styles of traditional breaking to identify its relationship to Hip Hop culture.

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Oakland, CA, USA


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